Saturday, June 27, 2009

Angry Girl

These Sketches are older, but I thought people would like to see them.

They're in relation to some of the sexism I've seen at cons. It really sucks that a lot of girls have learned to put themselves on display not because they want to explore their sexuality (which is an awesome reason to be sexy) but because its the only way to peddle goods to the male masses.

I was at a con where my table partner (a stranger) kept getting lots and lots of attention from more well established (male) comic artists. Her artwork was decent, but not to be getting that sort of attention. It was obvious to her that the guys were just trying to get her up to their room for a drink or something more. She was very gracious about it and mostly tried to talk about the artwork, but they'd brush her off in some aspects with that. So there you go.

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