Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Monster in The Room

Been in the hospital. I'll try to fill in my missed posts once I get home. Did this in marker and gel pen, pic take with my phone.


  1. yeye good the graphics. even better the (unfinished)comics. but I think it that these illustrations fantastic O_O. I would look at the original one live XD. I didn't understand why you were in a hospital. but your stomach. improving!(((I don't know it at this time what the english/americans say. OTL))) there was an intestine because of this otherwise form the monster? i guess you were not good at your mood when you drew it. but very very very awesome art. OTL sorry my incomprehensible, ultra bizarre english

  2. :) funny animation

  3. I love all of your works so far hun, but then again I stalk you pretty much everywhere! I really hope you come back to doing a sketch a day and that you're well. ^.^ Missing you!

    Loz / Pyreflysky